Fully Automated Wire and Cable Processing

Our capabilities comprise fully automated wire and cable processing, including cutting, stripping, terminating and wire marking. We have invested in industry leading wire processing equipment and state of the art test fixtures and jigs. We 100% electrically test our finished products.  We manufacture and supply wire and cable products for the stringent automotive and appliance markets.

Communications & Data Cable Assemblies
Amphenol CTI continues to build on our strong history in the support of industry leaders in the communications, banking, medical and data processing fields. This includes the complex wiring needs of microwave, satellite, high speed data and other high technology applications.

Industrial & Heavy Equipment Cable Assemblies
Amphenol CTI is a key supplier of performance proven cable and harness assemblies for demanding environments in the industrial and heavy equipment industries.  Our customer base includes major manufactures of electric lift trucks, industrial cleansing, power generation and forestry equipment.

To serve this industry segment we produce a full range of product, including battery cables, full body harnesses and control panel assemblies.  We utilize multiple harness covering solutions including flexible conduits, nylon braiding, intricate weaving and other harsh environment, compact packaging processes to meet the critical requirements of our customers.

Fiber Optic Cable Assembly
In this highly specialized and tightly controlled segment Amphenol CTI manufactures a range of Fiber Optic cable assemblies for use in the telecom and wireless data transmission sectors, among others.  With industry leading processing and testing equipment, along with highly trained and experienced personnel, we are able to quickly deliver the high quality fiber optic products that customers require.  Our current workforce exceeds 180 personnel, working in a specially constructed clean room within our Ciudad Juarez facility.